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Adventures of Aris is a High-Fantasy universe that hopefully will stretch over several novels and short stories on the side.

This wikia is intended to keep informations on its races, characters, cultures and lore.

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Aris is a large world shrouded in mystical forces commonly known as magic. During the creation of the universe and the dawn of the planet, several highly intelligent lifeforms awoken with a great affinity for the many magics that dwell around the universe. These beings are now often referred to as gods. Whilst the world was in its primordial state, these gods took it upon themselves to carve the rough and crude terrains into the beauty we see today. As some raised mountains, others grew forests and minor lifeforms began to evolve and become the many creatures and animals we see now.

Yet the world still felt empty. Something was missing. Nobody but themselves could truly appreciate what they had done. And so the gods each decided to create highly intelligent lifeforms, often in a spitting image of themselves. People to inhabit these paradises they created. People to worship them for their divine actions.

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Map Aris Continents 01

The current known world of Aris and its respective lands.